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The winter period may be a good time to remind landlords of our top ten tips to help prevent damp, condensation and mould which are likely to cause damage to properties and potential health problems to tenants:-

1.  Keep windows open when possible – especially during the day - to allow moisture to escape and not settle on walls or furnishings;

2.  Uncover ventilation vents and use extractor fans in rooms without windows;

3.  Put lids on pans to stop steam escaping when cooking and improve heat retention;

4.  Don’t leave kettles boiling unnecessarily so less moist air circulates;

5.  Dry clothes outside where possible as moisture from wet clothes inside can settle on walls allowing mould to grow;

6.  A dehumidifier will draw water from the air or from water-absorbing crystals and can be especially useful in wardrobes or behind cupboards where mould is likely;

7.  Maintain household heating at a low level for longer to keep air temperature constant;

8.  Wipe windows and stills with a dry cloth to remove moisture;

9.  Leave internal doors open so air can circulate at an even temperature; 

10. Professionally steam clean mouldy soft furnishings, clothes and toys to kill spores as cleaning in washing machines risks contaminating other belongings and the  water may not be hot enough.

Whether it is advice on the existing 156 rules and regulations covering private lettings, those in the pipeline or ensuring how to gain best possible returns and trouble-free renting, there’s no substitute for the unrivalled local knowledge and 30+ years experience of a qualified lettings and managing agent like Jeremy Leaf!