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Spring is usually the best time of year for selling  property when the weather improves and many buyers are looking to move in time for the new school year.

Remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression and better presented homes tend to sell quicker and for higher prices.

Very active,  long-established estate agents like Jeremy Leaf & Co can tell you where you need to spend money and where to save it before putting your house or flat on the market.  For instance, should you paint the front door, window frames and unusually decorated rooms or replace kitchen, bathroom and light fittings?  And how important is it to swap dark furnishings for brighter colours, or even hire designer furniture?

Remember the basics – clean windows, curtains, floor coverings,  oven, hob, kitchen cupboards and bathrooms. Replace dead light bulbs, arrange rooms to best advantage and declutter ruthlessly putting  surplus contents in a loft, shed or even your car!

Most buying decisions are made within a few minutes of arrival so ensure your home can be seen clearly by day or  night and the frontage is  presentable.

Large numbers on the outside, flower baskets and good outdoor lighting not only make a property look more welcoming and safer but spread that message to potential buyers.
Tidy gardens with clear paths and driveways can almost count as an extra room and is one of the main reasons why people buy properties at this time of year.

Sales particulars should include a floor plan with room sizes, minimal but honest text, not forgetting top quality photos.  Images might be taken of the property’s  best features in the late afternoon when light tends to be more favourable at this time of year.

It’s also a good idea to make available – not just to your solicitor - local searches, utility bills, consents, fixtures and fittings to remain, details of boundary ownership and any rights of way or easements, so that the sale can proceed without delay.

If in doubt, ask Jeremy Leaf & Co the best way of making your property as presentable and saleable as possible and how we’ve managed to sell so many houses and flats locally for over 30 years!

Jeremy Leaf, a former RICS residential chairman & independent North London Estate Agency owner.

Spring 2018